Is gold a good investment? Five Reasons to Invest in Gold

Beyond being an active refuge and being considered one of the most valuable metals in the world, know the reasons why investing in gold will always be a good idea.

Is gold a good investment

Is gold a good investment? Gold is widely used in the world as an electronic component to transmit information; to create jewels, to build spacecraft, even used in medicine; but in addition to its multiple physical uses it is also one of the most traded metals in the world because it has always been considered a “safe-haven investment”, since it does not suffer high fluctuations based on market movements.

To the question Is gold a good investment? Our expert Javier Martinez answers with a resounding YES. Javier Martinez financial and investment consultant, presents gold as a viable option for any private investor on the planet, “investment in gold is not an option available only to governments and financial institutions”. This is why Javier tells investing in gold is an excellent alternative:

  • Gold is a metal whose value grows over the years: considered one of the most valuable since biblical times and remains so to this day, it is important to clarify that the price has not always been rising, but has never experienced long-term falls, which have suffered other financial instruments.
  • Gold is the respectable metal: as a fundamental asset in any investment portfolio, thus considered by the greatest financial advisors. When it comes to diversification, it is taken into account to add stability to any type of portfolio that may include Bonds, CFD contracts, stocks, and currencies.
  • It has immunity to geopolitical crises: Gold tends to resist price fluctuations that can bring the political climate of a country, this makes it a very good alternative for the investor who cares that his own currency falls at risk or is devalued for any reason.
  • It is an asset that functions as a shield against inflation: because the price of Gold tends to increase as the cost of living increases, any investor who worries about how inflation affects the profitability of their investments should consider investing in Gold.
  • The limited supply affects an increase in the value of Gold: unlike currencies where each government has the option of injecting additional money into their economies, the production of Gold is a process that can take years to obtain small amounts, therefore there are times when demand exceeds the availability of the metal, making the prices of Gold increase considerably.

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For these and many other reasons, investing in Gold is the alternative to take into account when consolidating your investment portfolio, so it is important to check with your trader to start trading gold like other financial instruments.

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